Healthy Habits for Working Out

Do you have a healthy relationship with exercise? All in or totally avoidant, there's a balance to be aimed for and achieved.

According to the Huffington Post, 9 habits might set you apart:

  1. Know the difference between a good burn and true pain
  2. Take rest days
  3. Don’t exercise to eat, instead, eat to exercise
  4. Go with the flow
  5. Know what you like and do that
  6. But still mix things up
  7. Do it when and where you like
  8. Seek support
  9. Do it for the mental benefits.


How does your workout routine measure up?

LOCAL LIVING: Seminole Wekiva Trail

We're lucky to have some great outdoor spaces in Seminole County ... and today, I thought I'd highlight one of my favorite spots for being active: The Seminole Wekiva Trail.

Great for biking, running or walking, it's hard to beat the shaded stretch of trail between Longwood and Lake Mary. Lots of trees, a wide path and plenty of art (Paint the Trail) to get you peaceful, pondering and chatty! It's a solid "go-to" for pursuit of wellness, a cheap date day or casual conversation with friends.

If you were to grab chalk and make your mark on the piece of fence pictured above, what would your answer be?