goal setting

Stop Wishing and Start Doing

I read once that it takes just as much energy to wish or dream as it takes to plan. Do you think that’s true?

If you wish for a better marriage or dream about a new career, what stops you from planning for it?

If you dream about traveling or wish for happiness, why would you avoid planning to make it a reality?

Something holds you back. That something needs conquering.

A year from now you’ll wish you’d started today.
— Karen Lamb

I’d like to help you grab hold of what you’ve been wishing for and dreaming about. So, take a step toward realizing a worthy goal in 2016 — MAKE AN APPOINTMENT and we’ll make a plan together.

In the meantime, download something like the Everest app and start goal setting and step strategizing. "Everyone's got their Everest. Climb yours."

Redefining Failure for Success

The path to success involves a lot of how you deal with failure.

Do you believe failure to be a (by)product or do you view failure as an indictment on identity? A simple litmus test:

When something you've been working on/betting on doesn't work out as you planned/hoped, what is your internal monologue?

1) Well, that failed.

2) Well, I failed.

Think about it. The former perspective assumes grace and possibility and leads to a motivation to try again. The latter perspective blinds us to possibility and keeps us from confidence and hope.

Where do you land?

What Moves You?

My dad recently e-mailed me the following challenge:

"In 2 paragraphs or less define what moves you forward. Using as few words as possible, using tangible concepts, argue why you get out of bed every day, and what moves you toward the future …

Because what moves you forward may be what’s missing from the lives of those around you and they are idling in place or wasting away life’s opportunities. Motivation is personal, not universal, but is there within your paradigm/story a way to use what passion God's given you and impart it to another?

“Just do it” doesn’t work when you’re running on empty."

What fuel can you offer your friends, co-workers and neighbors today?

Not sure? Coming up empty yourself? Let's talk about it — dig in and figure out what's got you stunted. Let's get you hopeful again! (MAKE AN APPOINTMENT)