Invest in your future happiness.

Choosing to start your most important human relationship off on the right foot is the best decision you will ever make. Over several sessions, Orlando Premarital Counselor, Tracy Weiss will help you explore not only the practical implications of doing life together, but the spiritual and emotional implications as well. Covering topics from family traditions to finances to faith, Tracy works with a couple to establish a firm foundation for romance, respect and responding to God together.

Benefits of premarital counseling ...

  • You have a statistically lower rate of divorce
  • Learn how to communicate and resolve conflict
  • Get to know your partner better
  • Talk out problems before resentments grow
  • You get an outside opinion
  • Get answers to questions you didn't know you had
  • Learn how to hope and dream together
  • Discount on your marriage license

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM premarital counseling

Most premarital counseling is short-term and time-limited — six to ten sessions — and covers a variety of important topics, including finances, sex and intimacy, conflict resolution, communication skills, personality traits and attachment needs, family dynamics, and vision and values. Additionally, if your county offers a discount on your marriage license for undergoing premarital counseling, Tracy will gladly provide a letter attesting to completion.

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