It's time to revitalize your relationship.

Whether your marriage is in crisis or you're up for some strategic relationship maintenance, bringing your concerns into counseling is a smart move. You will gain customized tools and skills to aid in revitalizing your relationship. Additionally, Orlando Relationship Counselor, Tracy Weiss, serves as support while you take the steps necessary to stabilize and strengthen your marriage.

Marriage Counseling is a good idea if ...

  • The "spark" has gone out of your marriage
  • You fight more than you hug
  • One or both of you has had an affair
  • You feel more like roommates than lovers
  • You do not feel heard or seen in your relationship
  • You can't figure out where it all went wrong
  • You would rather spend time at work than at home
  • You keep revisiting the same, tired issues
  • You are living separate lives


While couples counseling may need to include individual sessions, the current and future state of your relationship is the focus of any couples session. Exploration of past pain, present habits and future hopes and dreams directs session conversation and resulting "homework." Over the course of therapy, you will find a path to reconnection — utilizing skills and knowledge of one another to build a newly fulfilling and long-term partnership.

You can start today.