Weiss Counsel offers adults in and around Orlando, FL, a path to happier and healthier lives.



Coming alongside you in your desire for more purpose, passion, and progress in life, Tracy will help you recognize and strategically conquer whatโ€™s standing in the way of a healthier and happier life.

Areas of Specialization:

Enneagram exploraiton, life transitions, spiritual or emotional burnout, mom life, stress management, divorce recovery


Enneagram Exploration

Through a combination of conversation and assessment, Tracy will clue you in regarding your Enneagram number, what it means, why it matters AND what to do with the knowledge.


career counseling

Exploring your life story, interests, values, influences and personality predispositions through pointed discussion and assessment tools, Tracy will help you discover your passions and a path to vocational fulfillment.

Areas of Specialization:

Career Direct vocational assessment, career transitions, work and ministry burnout, school and/or degree discernment

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