It's time to stop living in fear.

Orlando Anxiety Counselor, Tracy Weiss, helps individuals pinpoint specific areas of concern and works alongside them to resolve the troubling symptoms (and manifestations) of anxiety in their life.

You may be struggling with anxiety if ...

  • You feel unable to relax for part or the majority of a day
  • You dread being around people
  • You find yourself avoiding engagements and expectations
  • You fear making a mistake
  • You are easily irritable
  • Your mind is always spinning with racing and/or obsessive thoughts
  • You have experienced a panic attack
  • You are easily startled
  • You cannot fall asleep easily
  • You overthink decisions already made

What to Expect from Anxiety Therapy

Tracy will get to know YOU and your concerns, narrowing down what kind of anxiety disorder you may be struggling with and engaging you in activities that give you clarity, courage and skills to overcome what ails. She works with clients to create a customized plan that pulls from various known treatments for anxiety including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Relational, Psychodynamic, Object Relations, EMDR, Gestalt and Emotions-Focused Therapy approaches.

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