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Central Florida Counselor, Tracy Weiss, has long been interested in the Enneagram — an ancient (and currently trendy) tool for revolutionary insight into human personality, relationships, addictions and calling. Tracy believes that getting clarity about the truth of who you are is necessary for lasting change to occur ... and for abundant life to be encountered ... so, an understanding of the Enneagram has tremendous value for a client's personal journey.

What is the ENNEAGRAm?

The Enneagram of Personality is an ancient, time-tested personality model that breaks down human personalities into nine distinct numbers


Unlike other personality theories, the Enneagram provides specific insight into what drives and motivates people instead of attempting to simply define a person. In laymen's terms: understanding your Enneagram type doesn't pigeon-hole you, but actually resources you to connect with and extend yourself into who you were designed to be.  

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You may benefit from eNNEAGRAM EXPLORATion if ...

  • You are feeling stuck in a life rut
  • You feel lost and insecure
  • You're struggling in your interpersonal relationships
  • You want to develop healthy independence
  • You want to understand why you do what you wish you didn't
  • You find it difficult to navigate your anxiety
  • You desire greater self-awareness
  • You want to live a happier, healthier, more genuine life
  • You struggle with vulnerability
  • You want to work on building self-confidence

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