Why Weiss Counsel?

Central Florida Counselor, Tracy Weiss, specializes in providing insight and counsel to those seeking healing and a more healthy and happy life! With an approach to therapy that is holistic, wellness-based and client-centered, Tracy offers customized treatment plans and growth options for each and every client. This means that who YOU are determines the details and direction of YOUR therapeutic process. As a result, various techniques and principles of adlerian psychotherapy, object-relations theory, attachment theory, reality therapy, family systems theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness practices may be incorporated to aid you in achieving health and joy.


Adult Psychotherapy

Whether you're "in a funk' or you've recently experienced trauma, Tracy ushers you into a safe space of connection where you can talk it all out, uncover new truths and figure out how to respond to life and relationships in a more healthy, fulfilling way.

Issues Treated:

Couples Counseling

Whether your marriage is in crisis or you're up for some strategic relationship maintenance, bringing your concerns into counseling is a smart move. While couples counseling may need to include individual sessions, the current and future state of your relationship is the focus of any couples session. Exploration of past pain, present habits and future hopes and dreams directs session conversation and resulting "homework."

Pre-marital Counseling

Choosing to start your most important human relationship off on the right foot is the best decision you will ever make. Over several sessions, Tracy will help you explore not only the practical implications of doing life together, but the spiritual and emotional implications as well. Covering topics from family traditions to finances to faith, Tracy works with a couple to establish a firm foundation for romance, respect and responding to God together.

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Catering talk and techniques to the client's dynamic developmental stage, Tracy works to first develop rapport and establish trust with pre-teen and teen clients — creating a safe space for full disclosure. Guarding that trust as vital, Tracy will also aim to keep parents in the loop regarding the family's essential role in a client's treatment plan.

Career Counseling

Whether you are approaching college, graduation or in the midst of a "mid-life crisis," discovering one's calling and seeking fulfillment in a vocation is an admirable (and crucial) endeavor. However, it's not always an easy one. Exploring your life story, interests, core values, environmental influences and personality predispositions through pointed discussion and assessment tools, Tracy can help you latch on to the kind of purposeful passion that equates to abundant life.